With Carina’s Vacation Home Rentals, your dream vacation starts here.

Carina McConaughey

Carina's Vacation Home Rental Service is solidly based on 40 years of experience living full-time in South Lake Tahoe and building more than 14 homes in the area.

I started my business by successfully renting out one of my own properties as a long-term rental. This lead to managing vacation properties for other Lake Tahoe owners and finally working with owners to offer their properties as high-quality vacation rentals.

Most of my clients choose my services for the friendly, customized, concerned services that I provide, much like the great businesses of yesteryear did before the age of complexity and digital hurry arrived.

I know the people, the businesses, the climate and how to provide you the best in vacation home rental services including:

• A beautiful, informative and easy-to-use vacation home rental website for you to browse and select the perfect home for your vacation.

• A convenient and personal communication, reservation, and booking system.

• A simple process for securing your home choice.

The ease and satisfaction of dealing with one person who cares for every aspect of your rental and visit before and during your visit.

• A community expert who will share with you advice on local business, services, and prime recreational spots around South Lake Tahoe.

• Extra services at a reasonable price to my renters such as Dog Walking, Child Care, Errand Running and Cleaning.

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