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Carina’s Vacation Home Rentals

Vacations are special times  that never come around often enough. Finding the right South Lake Tahoe vacation rental home with just the right features and price range can make all the difference between a memorable, talked-about experience, or one you’d rather forget.

That’s why I list a distinctive selection of Lake Tahoe Vacation Homes for rent. I want your vacation at South Lake Tahoe to be all it should be in a home that’s right for you. I pay special attention to the condition of each home and strive to make the rental process easy and efficient. I’m happy to answer all of your questions and make sure your selection is the right home for you.

My services go beyond signing the rental agreement and ensuring the vacation home you choose is clean and ready for your visit. As a local resident of 40 years and a business owner, I know the South Lake Tahoe area, and can offer recommendations on restaurants, shops, entertainment, recreation, and special places to visit during your stay.

I can also arrange extra services to help you enjoy your vacation. Visiting with your dog? I can provide dog walking assistance. If you need help with child care I can help with that, too.

Do you find grocery shopping and running errands while on vacation an inconvenience? When I’m on vacation I feel that way, which is why I created a Personal Assistant Errand Service to help you enjoy every minute you are here.

When you rent from Carina's Vacation Home Rentals, you can be assured of personalized, caring service that recognizes your vacation needs and delivers a special level of attention to help make your stay in South Lake Tahoe the vacation of your dreams.

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