With Carina’s Vacation Home Rentals, your dream vacation starts here.


Sure, you can rent a Lake Tahoe vacation home from quite a number of businesses. So why make Carina’s Vacation Home Rental Service your choice for contracting a home for your vacation?

Here are some reasons you might consider:

First, I hand pick the homes that I offer you. My goal is to provide you with a quality selection of homes that I personally know to be the kind of home that will offer comfort, amenities, location and value.

Furthermore, I don’t hand you off to some office assistant to provide you with booking and sign-up services. I personally take your emails or calls, answer your questions, and complete the rental paper work with you either on a face-to-face, or more likely, via email or postal-mail basis. Either way we communicate, you will get the best service that I can provide.

For example, being a small business, I can work with you if you need early check-in or late check-out, within the limits of the booking schedule for the property that you are renting.

I handle booking through my website: CarinasVHR.com, the VRBO or HOMEAWAY websites: homeaway.com, or through a personal phone conversation with me at 530-416-2667.

Also, running my own business makes it possible for me to keep rental polices simple and straight forward. But, since they vary somewhat from home to home I will send you the details with a short-term rental agreement at the time you book your vacation.

Most importantly, being a local resident I have inside knowledge on other businesses, services, and prime recreational activities spots you may wish to use during your Tahoe vacation.

A community expert, not just a business owner

I’m available by text or email while you are renting here. I will do my best to take your questions and answer your concerns as quickly as I can. In addition to property questions and concerns, I can help you with questions such as distances to attractions like Lake Tahoe beaches, eateries, casinos, and hiking/biking trails.

In short, I care about your vacation experience and will do everything that I can to see that your vacation needs are best matched to the various homes that I have available at the time you make your reservations. This effort can save you considerable money, time and hassle. That’s my motivation for being in the vacation home rental business: knowing your vacation is enjoyable is my measure of success.

Extra services, too

Finally, I can also arrange extra services to help you enjoy your vacation. Visiting with your dog? I can provide dog walking assistance. If you need help with child care I can help with that, too.

Do you hate interrupting your vacation to food shop or run errands for supplies you might need? When I’m on vacation I feel the same way and was the reason I created a Personal Assistant Errand Service to help you enjoy every minute you are here.

Call, text, or email me for more details and costs of these Extra Services.

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